Are you ready to step into your next chapter with Style, Confidence and Ease?

You are a smart, dedicated woman who has been helping other people. It’s time for you to come home to YOU and thrive in your own skin. 

All that great internal work you've done? It’s time to match it on the outside. 

Time to fully emerge as the attractive, confident woman that you are.

Hi friend! 

Are you ready to step into a more confident version of yourself?

Are you tired of trying to piece together style on your own through an assortment of blogs, fashion magazines and do-it-yourself courses?

…dabbling in resources with little personalized guidance that ultimately leave you still searching?

Over the last decade of working with women as a style coach, I've refined a time-tested 7-step path that leads to lasting results.

In this highly personalized coaching program with me, you will gain a new level of style mastery in your life. The kind of style that is life changing.  

In case we haven't met, I'm Erin Mathis. As a Style Coach, for over a decade I have been helping people transform through in-person and online coaching. Don’t just take my word for it, see what my clients are saying below.

Let’s get your style aligned with your heart, your purpose and the impact you want to make. 

This is for you if...

  •  You’re ready to rediscover fresh style for your life and body NOW
  •  You have a jam-packed closet but nothing to wear
  •  You’ve lost your style mojo or gotten stuck in a rut 
  •  You miss feeling attractive, sexy and confident

What exactly is this program? 

A 10-week Transformational Style Coaching Program that will lead you along a time-tested 7-step path to create YOUR Million Dollar Look. 

Private coaching sessions with Erin and Carla Mathis.

  • 45-minute online strategy session with Erin to identify your specific goals, potential challenges and how you can maximize your success within this program. 
  • 1-hour "Identity Therapy" session online with Image Master Carla Mathis. 

A New You Virtual Makeover 

  • Visualize your dream destination for hair & makeup with techniques recommended for you 
  • Experty & realistically photoshopped onto your face, with your photo
  • A Step-by-step Guide to implement it

8 online style coaching sessions with your coach and small group

  • I will lead you and up to 7 other women through each of the foundational 7-steps of the style path. 
  • You will see each principle visually demonstrated on you and the other group members for an amazing personalized learning journey.

Your Personalized Million Dollar Look Guidebook 

  • A comprehensive PDF showing each step and the visual application for you. 
  • Refer to this valuable guide as your style foundation, as you shop and build going forward.
  • Each of the 7-step path, personalized for you, plus photos of your Million Dollar Look outfits. 

Together we'll walk through the 7-steps to sucessful style, applying each step to you personally using your photos.

  • - Your Authentic Identity & Style Archetype 
  • - Your Color Palette 
  • - Your Body Type & best fabrics 
  • - Your Body Shape & most flattering styles 
  • - Your Face, Body Scale, Proportions & best accessories 
  • - Your Hair, Makeup & Grooming  
  • - Your Outfits: Define your impact outfits, make a Look Book  

You'll get ALL of this inside your personalized Million Dollar Look Guidebook.

What clients are saying...

“Every woman should experience this program – whether you just want refinement or need a lot of style help. It gave me clarity about how I want to be perceived and how I want to show up. I’m showing up more, and people are noticing with lot’s of compliments. 

I loved the group dynamic! Being able to see my own transformation, plus others on the journey was a great learning experience. The process spoke to each person no matter what level they were at. 

The way Erin coaches is spot on. We all get stuck in ruts and sometimes don’t even realize it. It was great to have another set of eyes, to ask questions, to think about things differently. Erin was encouraging and affirming even as she challenged us to make changes. She delivered in a way that made us all feel good along the journey. 

I would recommend this program to ANYONE who wants to up-level their style game.” 

Aiden, MDL Program Alumni Photo by Erin, from her transformation day photo shoot. 

Attend a Transformational Weekend Experience

After our 10-week program you’ll have the option to meet me and other members in Sacramento, California for shopping, styling and a lifestyle photoshoot.  

Put into practice everything you’ve been learning, complete your transformation and capture it with beautiful photos you can share with the world! 

Total Transformation weekend & preparation:  

  • 2 hours private coaching to prepare
  • Shopping 4-5 hours with Erin in a small group 
  • Hair styling & Makeup application for photos  
  • Photoshoot + Photos 

What clients are saying...

“I’m a transformational space specialist, Erin is a physical transformation specialist. This is not what I looked like a month ago. I can sell a house, but changing me is difficult. 

I was stressed out about it, but she made it easy for me. Previously I had spent so much money trying to get good outfits and photos, without luck. Erin brought together wardrobe, hair, makeup and then guided me to make sure I looked great.  

I grew up as a model, but I learned that as we age and mature, our style has to evolve just as much as we evolve. 

This experience altered my thinking. People really do watch and are more attracted to me now.”  

Kristine, The Luxury Look / HDomes Photo by Erin, from her transformation day photo shoot 


“More than anything I feel empowered and informed on how to present myself professionally in a way that communicates my personality while supporting my credibility as a serious business owner. Erin has such a gentle approach that lets you warm to and open up slowly, making the process and feedback so safe and comfortable. This is huge for me, I don’t do overly enthusiastic or peppy-cutesy; this is a real women no BS looking to guide and support you.” 

- Yolanda 

“Erin has helped me create polished, professional style for my role as an organizational executive and public speaker—a style that still speaks of who I am. From my hairstyle, to makeup techniques, and wardrobe...she has been incredibly helpful. I regularly get compliments on my style, but more importantly, her coaching has given me greater confidence in my self image. I am so thankful to have Erin as my Style coach and I cannot recommend her highly enough!"

- Stefanie 

“This was transformative for me. Other courses I’ve done were like primary school, where this course is like university. People tell me that I look very stylish, that I look like a flower in bloom! Someone asked me if I lost weight… I said well, I actually put on a little weight but I know better how to dress. This process was fascinating and helped me accept and love my body, and my face. From now on, choosing clothes and accessories will be a lot easier and more enjoyable.”  

- Edyta 

These are the kinds of messages I get my coaching clients, and just one of many good reports!

- Erin

Transformational Coaching Packages

Choose your experience...

This is the foundational program as detailed above, which includes: 

  • 2 Private coaching sessions 
  • 8 Group Coaching sessions 
  • A New You Virtual Makeover 
  • Your Personalized MDL application Guidebook including your 4-8 Impact Outfits

This is the foundational program, plus the Transformation Weekend Experience, including; 

  • 2 Private, 8 group coaching sessions 
  • A New You Virtual Makeover 
  • Your Personalized MDL Guidebook 
  • Additional 2 hours private coaching to prepare and follow up the transformation weekend experience 
  •  Shopping 4 hours with Erin + apprentice in a small group
  • Hair styling and Makeup done prior to photo shoot
  • Photoshoot + Photos  
  • These additional services are valued at = $1,875, but reduced with this package to $1,495 (SAVE $400)

This VIP Package includes the foundational program, plus the Transformation Weekend Experience, plus an addional 10 hours of private coaching over a 6 month period; 

  • 2 Private, 8 Group Coaching sessions 
  • A New You Virtual Makeover 
  • Your Personalized MDL Guidebook 
  • 2 hours private coaching to prepare and follow up the transformation weekend experience 
  •  Shopping 4 hours with Erin + apprentice in a small group
  • Hair styling and Makeup done prior to photo shoot
  • Photoshoot + Photos  
  • Additional TEN (10) hours of private coaching to be used as needed; A complete closet cleanse, outfit organization, online shopping

How the program works and what to expect

 Are you a details person? This section is especially for you!

  • Complete the online intake + send a few pictures and have your 45-minute strategy session with Erin (GoToWebinar). Based upon your goals and any specific challenges, Erin will give you personalized guidance for how you can get the best results from this program.
  • Have your 1 hour Identity & style session with Image master Carla Mathis (online meeting). After working with thousands of clients over multiple decades, Carla’s deep insights and intuition will help guide you to discovering your true self using symbols, images and reflective questions. In these sessions, many clients have discovered a freedom, self acceptance and confidence they didn’t know was possible – which can be reflecting in new levels of style expression.
  • Next Erin will get to work on your New You Virtual Makeover & Guidemap 
  • Online small group coaching Sessions will be held each week (Wednesday or Thursdays TBD) at 4:30 -6pm PST starting in Fall of 2020, with a few weeks off for implementation time. Exact dates will be firmed up by Aug 2020. If you opt to participate in Transformation Weekend, we will coordinate and plan dates for that to take place 1-2 months after the course has completed.
  • Each session will focus on 1 of the 7 Steps. You will send your photos in advance for personalized advice about the concept being covered that week 
  • At week 1 you’ll receive an overview of all assignments, and at least 6 days in advance of each session you’ll get a reminder with instructions for photos needed and your assignment for that week. Plan to set aside 1-2 hours each week (outside of live coaching calls) to prepare and engage with the assignments.  
  • If you have to miss some of the live sessions, no worries! You can still send photos for personalized feedback and watch the recording later.
  • Each week we work on 1 of the 7-steps of your Style Foundation. The principles will be visually demonstrated for YOU and up to 7 other group members for an applied learning journey.  
  • Throughout the program you’ll be getting style clarity and outfit coaching. The last 2 sessions focus on identifying your top impact outfits, practicing/reviewing hair and makeup, and pulling it all together to complete your Million Dollar Look. 

 - - - - - Q & A - - - - - 

How do I join the live small group coaching sessions? You will receive a link to register and instructions for how to join in advance. The platform is GoToWebinar – available on every browser. There will be audio for talking together, and you will see my shared screen. These sessions will take place on Thursdays at 4:30pm PST. 

What if I can’t make all of the coaching sessions? If something comes up or you have to miss a live session, you can still send your pictures + any questions for feedback (in advance) and watch the recorded session later.

How does this work as an online coaching program? For years I’ve been style coaching women from all over the world, online, using selfie photos they send. It works really well! You’ll need a full-length mirror and a phone/camera to take full length mirror selfies of yourself wearing your outfits and wardrobe items for review. I’ll give you some guidelines such as; make sure there is plenty of light…smile…and try out a flattering pose ;-)

What if I don’t like any of my wardrobe and/or I am basically starting from scratch? This is the perfect program for you because you’ll get a foundation for building authentic, attractive style for your personality, goals and body.

How many women will be in the group coaching sessions? There are only 8 spots in each session of this program.

Should I wait until I lose weight? No! This mindset will keep you stuck. I re-invented my style after a midlife crisis while still carrying extra weight I didn’t love. Feeling better about myself with renewed style helped me find the motivation to take better care of my body and then I dropped the weight. You’ll still learn and apply lot’s of knowledge for your style even at different sizes (I fluctuate too, and get it!)  

Who is this NOT for? If you don’t have time or energy to join live (or watch recordings) of the 1x weekly coaching sessions this is not for you. This program works the best for those who are committed to engage with the process. 

What is the cost of each package? If you are ready for true transformation and results, please book a complimentary discovery session with me, at the link at the bottom of this page. After reviewing your application, discussing your goals and challenges, I will suggest the best path forward. If one of these packages will be a good fit, I'll share the pricing and payment plans available with you.

When does the next course begin and how long do I have to enroll? This will next be offered in Fall 2020. Reservations are already being accepted. The doors will close when the 8 spaces have been claimed, or by Sep 15, 2020. If you know you want to enroll, claim your spot while there are still spaces.

It’s time for you to come home to YOU and thrive in your own skin... 

To fully emerge as the attractive, confident woman that you are!

Take your place while there are still openings. Don't miss your chance ...or let more time go by before you enjoy the benefits of a life changing transformation!

Not sure which solution is right for you? Want to apply to join this program? 

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