How to discover and embody personal style that Magnetizes what you desire.


How to discover and embody personal style that Magnetizes what you desire.

If you're ready...

To move past insecurity & doubts about your appearance…

To turn the page and step confidently into a new chapter of a life you love...

To attract more of the opportunities and connections you desire...

This FREE Masterclass is for you.

Here's what you will learn;


The Secret to Sustainable Authentic Style

Once you understand this, you can make style decisions that reflect who YOU are, not somebody else’s idea of what’s trendy now.


The Essential Mindsets required to Discover & Embody your Million Dollar Look

Plus my own midlife crisis to transformation story and how MINDSET was the key to unlocking the power I had to design the life of my dreams!


How to Tune Back into the True You if you Feel like you’ve lost your Personal Style

Do you look at old pictures of yourself and think “What happened?” The truth is... midlife is where you can make your biggest impact, if you’re clear on these 3 things


What exactly is a "Million Dollar Look" & How to Create Yours

7 steps to start fully embodying the best version of yourself ← This is NOT a band-aid solution! When you take all 7 steps, Your Million Dollar Look is the inevitable destination

You won't want to miss this if...

  • You’re tired of feeling insecure about your appearance
  • Your attempts at style & outfit assembly have left you feeling frustrated and dissatisfied.
  • You’re lack of confidence is holding back from stepping out into new opportunities…
  • You worry that others won’t SEE you as the relevant, skilled person you are.
  • You know there’s something better, but are just not sure how to get there

A Million Dollar Look is available for every single person no matter the size, shape or age. And that includes YOU.

Your Million Dollar Look will be 100% authentic, serve the impact you want to make, and magnetize the opportunities & relationships you want.

But there are some important things you have to know in order to find and embody the look that's true to you.

And that’s what I’ll be sharing in this free masterclass.

If you’re willing to invest just 60 minutes of your time, I'll share what's worked for me and countless of my clients over the last decade, plus how it can work for you too—even if you feel clueless about style.

You'll walk away with soul-centered strategies that will take your style from "Meh" to "Magnetic" so that you can start confidently attracting more of what you desire.

See you there,

We're going to get you...

  • Feeling confident and free in your own style (not some Vogue-inspired cookie cutter look)
  • Recognized and appreciated as the captivating person you are
  • Attracting new opportunities and the success you so desire
  • 100% clear on the story you're telling the world about you through your look
  • Over your insecurities and past self-doubt—so you can leave your baggage behind and move forward feeling vibrant and alive

Ready for the inspiration you need to turn the page into a fresh new chapter?

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