Are you ready to step into your next chapter with Style, Confidence and Ease?

You are a smart, dedicated woman who has been helping other people. It’s time for you to come home to YOU and thrive in your own skin. 

All that great internal work you've done? It’s time to match it on the outside. 

Time to fully emerge as the attractive, confident woman that you are.

Hi friend! 

Are you ready to step into a more confident version of yourself?

Are you tired of trying to piece together style on your own through an assortment of blogs, fashion magazines and do-it-yourself courses?

…dabbling in resources with little personalized guidance that ultimately leave you still searching?

Over the last decade of working with women as a style coach, I've refined a time-tested 7-step path that leads to lasting results.

In this program you will gain a new level of style mastery in your life. The kind of style that is life changing.  

In case we haven't met, I'm Erin Mathis. As a Style Coach, for over a decade I have been helping people transform through in-person and online coaching. Don’t just take my word for it, see what my clients are saying below.

Let’s get your style aligned with your heart, your purpose and the impact you want to make. 

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This is for you if...

  •  You’re ready to rediscover fresh style for your life and body NOW
  •  You have a jam-packed closet but nothing to wear
  •  You’ve lost your style mojo or gotten stuck in a rut 
  •  You miss feeling attractive, sexy and confident

What exactly is this program? 

An Online Transformational Style Coaching Program that will lead you along a time-tested 7-step path to create YOUR Million Dollar Look. 

You'll be guided through the 7-steps to successful style;

  • - Your Authentic Identity & Style Archetype 
  • - Your Color Palette 
  • - Your Body Type & best fabrics 
  • - Your Body Shape & most flattering styles 
  • - Your Face, Body Scale, Proportions & best accessories 
  • - Your Hair, Makeup & Grooming  
  • - Your Outfits: Define your impact outfits, make a Look Book  

What clients are saying...

“Every woman should experience this program – whether you just want refinement or need a lot of style help. It gave me clarity about how I want to be perceived and how I want to show up. I’m showing up more, and people are noticing with lot’s of compliments. 

I loved the group dynamic! Being able to see my own transformation, plus others on the journey was a great learning experience. The process spoke to each person no matter what level they were at. 

The way Erin coaches is spot on. We all get stuck in ruts and sometimes don’t even realize it. It was great to have another set of eyes, to ask questions, to think about things differently. Erin was encouraging and affirming even as she challenged us to make changes. She delivered in a way that made us all feel good along the journey. 

I would recommend this program to ANYONE who wants to up-level their style game.” 

Aiden, MDL Program Alumni Photo by Erin, from her transformation day photo shoot. 

“I’m a transformational space specialist, Erin is a physical transformation specialist. This is not what I looked like a month ago. I can sell a house, but changing me is difficult. 

I was stressed out about it, but she made it easy for me. Previously I had spent so much money trying to get good outfits and photos, without luck. Erin brought together wardrobe, hair, makeup and then guided me to make sure I looked great.  

I grew up as a model, but I learned that as we age and mature, our style has to evolve just as much as we evolve. 

This experience altered my thinking. People really do watch and are more attracted to me now.”  

Kristine, The Luxury Look / HDomes Photo by Erin, from her transformation day photo shoot 


“More than anything I feel empowered and informed on how to present myself professionally in a way that communicates my personality while supporting my credibility as a serious business owner. Erin has such a gentle approach that lets you warm to and open up slowly, making the process and feedback so safe and comfortable. This is huge for me, I don’t do overly enthusiastic or peppy-cutesy; this is a real women no BS looking to guide and support you.” 

- Yolanda 

“Erin has helped me create polished, professional style for my role as an organizational executive and public speaker—a style that still speaks of who I am. From my hairstyle, to makeup techniques, and wardrobe...she has been incredibly helpful. I regularly get compliments on my style, but more importantly, her coaching has given me greater confidence in my self image. I am so thankful to have Erin as my Style coach and I cannot recommend her highly enough!"

- Stefanie 

“This was transformative for me. Other courses I’ve done were like primary school, where this course is like university. People tell me that I look very stylish, that I look like a flower in bloom! Someone asked me if I lost weight… I said well, I actually put on a little weight but I know better how to dress. This process was fascinating and helped me accept and love my body, and my face. From now on, choosing clothes and accessories will be a lot easier and more enjoyable.”  

- Edyta 

These are the kinds of messages I get my coaching clients, and just one of many good reports!

- Erin

It’s time for you to come home to YOU and thrive in your own skin... 

To fully emerge as the attractive, confident woman that you are!

Enrollment for the next session will open on June 18, 2021.

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